• Is wrapping vehicles and installing wrap products your primary business? All day, every day. Except for Holidays &  family vacations. 

  • Do you remove and replace all the external trim work on the vehicle when you perform a wrap or just “cut around it”? We can do either. Removing the trim will increase the install time but will ultimately increase longevity of the wrap and eliminate any small gaps where the original color may show through. This is one of the selection options you will be able to select when we create your custom quote.

  • Do you use only top quality, professional wrap products (such as Avery Dennison and/or 3M)? Avery Dennison and 3M are our preferred vinyl manufacturers. We will recommend what we feel is best for the job based on our experience and your intention. We will also install other professional wrap products, it's all up to you, its your car, your wrap, your choice but we can help.

  • Are your installers professionally trained by other well-known graphic installers? Are your installers certified? Our professional graphic installers are trained by 3M and are taking the Avery Dennison certification exam in March 2019. 

  • Does your company perform all services on-site at one location? Yes and no. All vehicle wrap jobs are performed at one location. However, some graphic installs require the installers to travel to the installation site requested by customer.

  • Does your company employ talented graphic artists or is this work “farmed out” to contractors? We are the sum of the people we spend our time with and the books we read and therefor our company is a tight knit skills based team that each brings unique skills and experience to the table. The only outsourced work is our powder coating services.

  • Do you provide truly custom designs? Or do you use generic templates and fonts which are only custom in that you add our company name? The only templates we use are for specific vehicle outlines, this helps us design more efficiently and with a fresh slate each time we create.

  • Are there any hidden costs or is your quote what I can expect to pay when I pick up my vehicle? No hidden costs, we will calculate taxes into your personalized quote. 

  • Do you have the capability to provide detailed custom graphics specifically designed for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, trailers, boats, light aircraft, and signage? Our custom graphic designs are done in house and we can get as detailed as you desire for any vehicle, boat, aircraft or signage.

  • Are your commercial-wrap customers recognizable names and brands? Can you show me your portfolio and/or a wrap similar to what I am requesting? Our specialty is high end performance and luxury cars. Our website and social media will always showcase our work and serve as our portfolio.

  • How long must you keep my vehicle? Depending on the scope of work 1-3 days.

  • Are you bonded and insured? Like James!

  • And finally…the most important question to ask: If you perform only high-quality work at fair pricing, why must you offer discounts, deals, price cuts and specials? Quality work and craftsmanship always come with a price. The only discounts, price cuts or specials we offer are for repeat customers, personal referrals and wholesale/fleet purchases.