How To Care For Your Wrap!

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Taking care of your wrap is simple and will take less time to care for than a normal paint job. Say goodbye to the polishing, rubbing, and waxing.

When it comes to cleaning your wrap you have two choices to start, you can hand wash it using water and a quality soap that won’t damage the wrap. If you go this route make sure to have a squeegee to quickly remove standing water which can cause water spots on your wrap film. Your other option is using a solvent like 70% rubbing alcohol and shop paper towels or microfiber cloths to wipe the entire vehicle down before applying any after care products.

Sticking to a monthly routine will ensure your wrap stays cleans, protected and will maximize it’s life span and limit fading from harmful UV rays.

Here are the basics to caring for your wrap!

*Hand Wash is preferred

*Remove the tag from any of your micro fiber cloths and ensure the micro fiber are free from any debris prior to wiping down your wrap

*Take special care of edges particularly on doors, trunk and the hood. Should any damage occur during your wash you should contact your local wrap shop or wrap installer. Do not try to fix it yourself or the warranty will most likely be voided.

*Immediately remove bug guts and bird droppings. These will stain your wrap with a high chance of leaving permanent markings on your wrap. Soak them with soapy water or a rubbing alcohol.

*Use aftercare and wrap cleaner products on a bi-monthly or as needed basis. These products clean, protect and seal the wrap.

Vinyl can dry out and crack over time. By keeping your vinyl supple you will improve the longevity of your wrap and it will ensure a more efficient removal of the wrap.

Here at The Wrap Empire we use Croftgate USA products for our AfterCare and Wrap Cleaner. We also recommend Chemical Guys Wrap Detailer.