Vehicle Wraps: Why you Need it


Let’s be blunt - buying a car is a big investment and for some may mark a milestone in your life journey. Every car owner should consider many aspects when purchasing a vehicle. With so many similar makes and models of vehicles out there all sporting the same factory paint from the dealerships wrapping is the best way to get a unique one of a kind custom appearance. Wraps are the newest breakthrough in autostyling, you can give a new subtle unique look to your car or completely transform it. Easily give yourself the feeling of getting a brand new car. After wrapping thousands of cars we can tell you from experience, it works! Itching for a new ride? Save your cash and restyle instead. So, if you are wondering what vehicle wraps are and why you need to lay some down on your ride, then read on…

Hundreds of colors to choose from!

Hundreds of colors to choose from!

What is Vehicle Wrap?

Previously, vehicle wrapping was a process that was only performed on commercial vehicles for branding and advertising purposes. Your only exception would be race cars and import tuners which have used vinyl graphics and decals for years. However, with the technological advancements, the growing popularity and the current selection of vinyls from many reputable manufacturers it has now been adopted by private vehicle owners who are seeking a personalized one and only wrap design and installation. This process involves covering the entire exterior of the vehicle in a malleable, adhesive vinyl. There are a variety of different finishes including: Gloss, Satin, Matte, Chrome, Matte Metallic and Reflective. 3M and Avery Dennison both provide outstanding quality vinyl with a large and evolving color library. Arlon, Hexis and Oracal should all get honorable mentions. Keep an eye out for EliteWraps as they enter the market with very competitive pricing and colors that no other company has yet produced!

2017 Camry Restyled in Avery Dennison Gloss Diamond Amber

2017 Camry Restyled in Avery Dennison Gloss Diamond Amber

Why do you need it?

People choose car wrapping services for multiple reasons. For some, they want to restyle their vehicle, they use a variety of autostyling techniques like window tint, wheel paint, graphics, decals and vehicle wraps to achieve the look of their dream car. These are individuals looking to break creative boundaries and fabricate car art that no one has ever seen before. Others may want to get a complete color change as it is one of the most affordable alternatives to a full repaint. Repainting a vehicle takes hours and hours of prepwork. It’s a very labor-intensive process. Installing a vinyl car wrap consumes less time, produces little to no mess and requires considerably less labor while offering hundreds of different colors and finishes to choose from.

The #1 reason you benefit from a wrap, it protects your OEM paint, which keeps your resale value high. Your paint job can’t do that unless you install ppf, paint protection film, we prefer Xpel. It’s similar to vinyl but clear and is installed differently. The #1 thing you will feel is excitement, a good wrap will make your car feel brand new. Our shop returns all vehicles spotless inside and out and you will love the luxury experience. Good vibes all around!

For those of you who own a business your #1 reason to wrap will be two fold, one, wrap to advertise because it is known to be the cheapest form of advertising with the best return rate. Secondly, the tax benefits of advertising mileage if you itemize your deductions. Regardless, thousands upon thousands of people will see your vehicle bold and branded, unforgettably restyled. Every road and every turn becomes an advertising opportunity. These impressions leave your mark in the community and increase the reach of your market. Your brand will be in the back of every person’s mind that it crosses paths with. It’s a win win. And since it protects your work vehicle too it’s a triple win.

#2 reason you benefit from a wrap is that you instantly stand out! Your creative personality lives through the restyling of your vehicle whether colorchange or commercial wrap. You get to create something. A visual concept unique to your taste of color and finish.

Other reasons you would get a wrap:

You prefer satin and matte finishes to gloss. Most OEM paint jobs are high gloss colors.

Your body panels/fenders/etc are mismatched colors

You need a paint job and want a long term reliable solution other than paying for an expensive paint job

You have a common car and want to be able to find it quicker and easier in parking lots

You have a common car and you subtly want to separate yourself from the mainstream

You dislike or have grown bored with the current color of your vehicle

You want to surprise a loved one

You want to prank a loved one

You have a race car, motorcycle or atv

Comment any other reason you might get a wrap!


If you are ready to give your car a makeover or create a bold new look, then look for a company that has installers with years of experience. A shop where the Installers are the Owners are typically the best car wrap shops. Pick a shop like The Wrap Empire where the quality, detail and expertise are seen in each and every job we complete.

If your business vehicle or food truck could use a eye catching new look to attract and grow your business then consult with one of our vinyl experts and receive a quick easy hassle free custom quote, if you prefer email correspondence we have that option as well, just click here