Top 5 Things You NEED To Start Wrapping!

Wrapping is a skill that takes focus, patience and experience to perfect. It’s a skill that needs consistent attention or your quality can suffer. Like most things Practice Makes Perfect.

Working with a variety of tools and material will help you in your learning curve. If you are eager to get started you will only need a few items to begin. Let’s presume you already have some vinyl, whether a roll or some scrap, as well as a substrate - a fancy way of saying a surface. Vinyl wrap will adhere to most surfaces however plastic non painted surfaces will be very difficult to wrap even with an adhesive promoter like Primer 94.

If you’re just getting started then I would pick a surface or item that has limited curves and recessed areas. Something like a phone or laptop could be a good place to start.

Keep in mind that wrap vinyl has good elasticity as well as memory properties, this means you can stretch it and then reheat it back to its original shape. Take your time and go slow at first. Pay attention to the details of the vinyl, are there air bubbles? Is the vinyl bunching in an area? The vinyl will give you feedback and according to that feedback you will need to make a choice on how to manipulate the vinyl. Most vinyls these days are re-positional and have air egress properties, this makes installing vinyl much easier than it used to be.

A few hints when wrapping. Separate your work into 4 areas, top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left. Work from the middle out and pull the vinyl in triangles for proper stretch and installation. If you mess up, gently pull the vinyl up and reheat it, notice how it goes back to its original form.

Spend a good amount of time prepping and cleaning your substrate. Any hair, little, dust can easily suck into the vinyl. A good proper cleaning with alcohol, a microfiber towel and lastly a tac cloth will greatly improve your final quality.


The tools you will need:

1) 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

2) Microfiber Cloth or Shop Paper Towel

3) Heat Gun (High Powered Hair Dryer Could work for now)

4) Squeegee (Depending on the vinyl such as gloss you may want a buffer, something that will allow the squeegee to slide across the vinyl without scratching it)

5) Retractable Knife with breakaway blades

Other items that can help in completion of the task are: masking tape, zippy, micro squeegee, wrap glove, knifeless tape and a tac cloth.


Good luck and Happy Wrapping! Stay Tuned for More Wrap Tips.

-The Wrap Empire


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