2017 Mustang S550 Gets a Thanksgiving Make-Over

One of my favorite parts of the job is when one of my friends becomes my customer. When they give me creative freedom to make vinyl selections and “do my thing”.

I enjoy doing this sort of work as it strengthens relationships and allows me to experience the joy and gratitude it creates first hand.

What was done:

  • Clay Bar all areas being wrapped

  • Roof Wrapped with embossed Wrap Empire Logos

  • Mirror Caps Wrapped

  • Hood Vents Wrapped with Ghost decals (LiveLow & Filthiest)

  • Side 5.0 Badges Wrapped (Reflective Black added)

  • Wheel Center Caps Wrapped

  • Front Badge and Rear Badge Wrapped in Black Reflective

  • Full Detail

  • Vehicle Delivered

  • High Resolution Photos Provided

The best part was revealing the finished product and seeing the reaction. This one was all smiles!