Mission: Bring inspiration and innovation to every driver in the world.


Welcome to Wrap Empire, where ingenuity and originality fuel our passion to create art through vinyl.

We are Auto-Styling Specialists and co-owners of TheWrapEmpire, an automotive customization shop and architectural wrap company.

Daniel was a sponsored skateboarder and ju-jitsu competitor. I was a youth soccer coach who spent my free time riding dirt jumps, snowboarding and weightlifting.

With a hunger for progression and ascension it was no surprise we became close friends. When I first met Daniel he was always in his place of ZEN, headphones in, calmly covering some of the coolest cars I had ever seen. I quickly learned as much as I could about “wrap vinyl”. Coming from a background in engineering, loving to take things apart, improving them and creating something new, I was fascinated at this art of wrapping so Daniel and I began to wrap together every day. Trying new techniques, discussing life philosophies and getting lost in the craft of colorchange wraps. This become our niche. We started networking and creating great relationships with fabricators, mechanics and designers. One thing led to another and we took a leap of faith to create THE WRAP EMPIRE in 2018.

Between us we share over 15 years experience in designing and working with vinyl. We both love to create and more importantly we are eager to keep learning and improving our skills. Our passion in life is to help people. To spread Love, to be Light and to help all those we come in contact with to be the best versions of themselves. Once you meet us, you will know we have your best interests at heart, whether you’re starting a new business, revamping your fleet or starting a project build with your favorite vehicle, we are happy to assist you in making your vision turn into reality.


Choosing inspiration & collaboration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

We are all about co-creating. How can we all help each other. You have a need, a want, a desire, let’s work together. Let’s integrate and collaborate and make something special for all the world to see!



Connecting through shared experience.

With every full vehicle wrap, whether colorchange or commercial wrap, we offer complimentary pick up and delivery services. We want you to remember this experience as a wonderful positive investment. Each full wrap will also comes with a 2 yr. Craftmanship warranty & a short video of the process as well as before, during and after Hi-Res Photos.

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

We are thankful for you, we are grateful for you! Together we can all Thrive!